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In this guide, we will describe the step-by-step process for you to use PicPay within your e-commerce with VTEX.

Before getting started#

Before starting your onboarding, you must have valid credentials. You can check how to obtain your credentials in this article.

How to use#

Getting your integration keys#

Your integration keys will be available within the retail panel, in the integrations menu.

VTEX integration keys

These keys must be copied and inserted into your VTEX configuration panel.


Every time new tokens are generated using the Generate Tokens button, old tokens will be invalidated.

Enabling PicPay as a payment method#

Within your VTEX panel, you will need to configure PicPay as a new payment gateway.

Step 1 - Within the payments section, click on Settings.


Step 2 -On the Gateways Affiliations tab, click the + button.

New gateway

Step 3 -Select the PicPay connector.


Configuring your keys within VTEX#

Fill in the fields Application Key and Application Token with your PicPay account information and save the settings.


Next steps#

Getting help#

We hope this article has been helpful! If you have any remaining questions, you can check our FAQ or contact us via email at